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How To Get Started And How The 1031 Exchange Progresses

Please call Jeff Riddell at (941) 366-1300, FAX your information request to him at (941) 366-6973, or download our Questionnaire here to complete and fax to us. From the information contained in the Questionnaire, we prepare the Exchange Agreement for the Exchanger’s signature. By receiving the completed Questionnaire, we can begin processing your exchange even before talking to you.

After the Exchange Agreement is signed, we communicate with the closing agent for the relinquished property and instruct the closing agent as to certain requirements including transfer of the seller’s proceeds to us to hold in escrow pending closing upon the replacement property. After we receive the sale proceeds, we await identification of the replacement property and then communicate with the closing agent for the replacement property to make sure that the exchange is properly concluded and the escrowed sale proceeds are made available for the closing. After the exchange is completed, we provide a final accounting and remit to you any unused portion of the proceeds from the relinquished property which has not been reinvested in one or more replacement properties.