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U.S. 1031 Exchange Services, Inc. is a corporation founded by Florida Bar Board Certified Real Estate Attorney, Jefferson F. Riddell, who has been assisting people with 1031 Exchanges for more than 20 years. The corporation has more than ten shareholders, none of whom own more than 10% of the company. This arrangement complies with IRS “safe harbor” rules so that there are no “disqualified person” (agent) concerns. In other words, if you use U.S. 1031 Exchange Services, Inc. as your exchange intermediary, you need not be concerned that IRS might take the position that your intermediary is your agent, which can result in disallowance of your exchange. This is better than using an attorney, CPA, title company, real estate broker, etc. as your exchange accommodator or intermediary if they might be construed to be your agent.

Mr. Riddell established U.S. 1031 Exchange Services, Inc. as a separate corporation so that, through U.S. 1031 Exchange Services, Inc., he is able to provide 1031 Exchange Intermediary services for his own clients as well as the general public. Also, because of this separate corporation arrangement, Mr. Riddell’s law firm is able to close the sale of relinquished properties and purchase of replacement properties in the Florida west coast area, and this is especially efficient and convenient since U.S. 1031 Exchange Services, Inc. operates out of the same office location as the law firm. The offices are located in the SunTrust Bank Building pictured above.

Mr. Riddell will personally be available to answer all your questions before and throughout the exchange, and U.S. 1031 Exchange Services, Inc.’s fees are very competitive. In fact, we challenge you to find another full service Qualified 1031 Exchange Intermediary company whose fees are lower.

Although we specialize in real estate exchanges, U.S. 1031 Exchange Services, Inc. is also able to provide exchange intermediary services for personal property exchanges such as airplanes, artwork and antiques (including antique collector autos) and, of course, properties which include a mixture of real estate and personal property such as manufacturing plants, hotels/motels and restaurants. Remember, any appreciated property or property which has a low basis because of depreciation write-offs (real, personal or mixed) which is held for investment or which is used in a trade or business is a candidate for 1031 Exchange treatment by reinvestment in “like kind” property (which means real estate for real estate, personal property for personal property). Keeping all of your profits invested and working for you normally builds wealth faster than paying tax each time you change investments. Paying no taxes maximizes the leverage of your investments.